1. WEAVE 01

Learn basic weaving technique such as mix colors and checked pattern using table loom. At the end of the class, you will have your own scarf 30 cm x 100 cm.

Time: 3 hours

2. WEAVE 02

Learn free form techniques and geometric techniques using table loom. In this workshop, we will use the weave cloth to make a small shoulder bag at the end of the workshop.

Time: 4 hours

3. WEAVE 03

Learn an advanced weaving technique of raised weave using a table loom. Learner is required to have passes Weave 1 and Weave 2.

Time: 3 hours

4. WEAVE 04

For anyone wanting to experience the Thai way of living including food, culture, and nature. This package includes:

Time: 3 hours


Make your own 150 cm x 30 cm scarf in less than 3 hours. This class does not enable you to do other more detailed pattern.

Time: 3 hours


Make your own 120 cm x 12 cm scarfs for kids.

Time: 2-3 hours


Learn to dye natural colors from what you find around your house or in your kitchen. This workshop consists of hot dye and cold dye. At the end of the workshop, you will be able to dye natural colors at home and understand techniques of natural dying.

Time: 3 hours


Enjoy making the “Kra Tong” that is use on Loy Kra Tong festival in full first full moon day of November. Learn about the long tradition history of the day and make a floating kratong by yourself. This Kra-Tong is meant to take away all your sadness and bad lucks. Also paying respect to the mother river.

Time: 2 hours

9. Flower garland making and lotus folding

Learn to make flower garland from jasmine, rose, and orchids and understand how and why Buddhism is associated with flowers. Thais use flower garlands and lotus flowers to worship monks and in most traditional events.

Time: 2 hours

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*If you do not see exactly what you would like to do, please contact us and we can assist you to develop your own personalize workshop.